About YHprum Legal

YHprum Legal (YHL) is founded by two motivated and young lawyers; Vaibhav Choudhary & Akanksha Rajpurohit, graduates of National Law School, Punjab, with a goal of providing quick solutions to legal issues and making legal services available to corporate houses, public sector undertakings, MSME , start-ups and individuals.

“YHprum” means “Everything that can work will work”. It is “Murphy” spelled backwards.

YHL is a full service law firm, committed to providing fast and result-oriented legal services to its clients nationally and internationally. YHL is dedicated to deliver speedy and economically feasible outcome for its clients. We religiously believe in pioneering the credo of triple S: “Synergies, Strategies, & Solutions” and have steadfast belief in transparency and ethical practice.

Our Values

  • Team Work
  • Professional Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Ethical Practice
  • Mutual Respect

YHL recognizes the magnitude and importance of business strategies, innovations, and other legal aspects of an organization that play an essential role in the growth and success of a company and its business. Hence, when it comes to achieving goals for its clients, YHL does not follow the archaicset of rules that are not only conservative but also time consuming. YHL believes in breaking the glass ceiling and going the extra mile to obtain the best suited results for its clients.

We not only provide solutions for our clients; we create, we carve and we improvise them to achieve the desired results when needed. We flourish by not just practicing law verbatim but by growing and thriving upon challenges and new domains.